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Travel Info & Tips Departing by Eurostar from Bruxelles-Midi station
Departing by Eurostar from Bruxelles-Midi station

Departing by Eurostar from Bruxelles-Midi station

Key things worth knowing about taking the Eurostar from Brussels / Bruxelles; particularly when arriving on other trains and transferring to Eurostar departures


Our guide to departing by Eurostar from Bruxelles-Midi (Brussel-Zuid/Brussels South) station provides insights into what to be aware of, particularly if you will be connecting into the Eurostar from other train services.

The general guide to using Bruxelles-Midi/Brussel-Zuid station.

At Bruxelles-Midi station the check-in, waiting areas and lounges for Eurostar departures are housed within the 'Channel Terminal’ - pictured above
It is located at one end of the main central passage way at the station, which is named the 'Hoofdgang'/Couloir Principal.
It is by the main entrance to this passage way on Place Victor Horta. when you enter the station from here, the Channel Terminal is over to the right.
Departing by Eurostar from Brussels
However, when walking towards Eurostar Departures in the 'Hoofdgang'/Couloir Principal' passage way, having arrived on another train, this Channel Terminal is over to the left

Checking in:

Eurostar’s recommendation is to check-in a minimum of 30 mins before departure, if you will be travelling Standard or Standard Premier class, or 10 mins before departure if you will be travelling with a Business Premier ticket.
Therefore if you will be travelling with a Standard or Standard Premier class ticket, ideally join the queue to check-in a minimum of 30 mins before departure.

Keep this in mind when booking journeys that involve connecting at Bruxelles-Midi into a Eurostar from another train.
It’s possible to book many journey options online that have connections into a Eurostar of less than 40 mins.
However, allowing 10 mins for an easy transfer to Eurostar departures PLUS another 30 mins from joining the queue for check-in to being on the other side of the security checks and passport control, should ensure a stress-free connection.

Though in the event of a connecting train arriving late at Bruxelles-Midi, tickets can be transferred to a subsequent Eurostar departure.
However, in reality the Eurostar staff are used to travellers making tightly timed connections, so if you can't access the Eurostar check-in until around 10mins before departure you SHOULD still make the train on to London.

Connecting from ICE & Thalys trains:

When you have used the escalators, to descend from the platform//track/voie/spoor your train will have arrived at, you will come to an area in which security checks are in place.
These security checks are for departing passengers only, so don't assume that you are in the wrong area.

Walk passed the checks into the central passage way at the station named the 'Hoofdgang'/Couloir Principal and when you reach it turn to the left to access the Eurostar-check in area.
You need to head to the Channel Terminal for Eurostar departures, which will be on the left.

Connecting from other trains:

If you have arrived on a train from elsewhere in Belgium or on an IC train from The Netherlands or Luxembourg, when you step on to the voie/spoor/platform, look for the signs leading to 'Hoofdgang'/Couloir Principal.
How to access Eurostar departures when taking a Belgian train to Bruxelles-Midi / Brussels Zuid

The 'Hoofdgang'/Couloir Principal is the main passage way beneath the railway lines at Bruxelles-Midi/Brussel Zuid station and it gives access to Eurostar departures - hence the symbol on the top right of the sign pictured above.
When arriving on trains that have passed through central Bruxelles, this exit to the 'Hoofdgang'/Couloir Principal will be located towards the rear of the train – so towards the front of the trains that have arrived from the south or west including Gent and Brugge.

There will be escalators, stairs and lifts leading down from the voie/spoor/platform - so don't follow the crowd down the stairs if you have luggage etc.
If you have used the escalators, turn to the left when you have reached the main passage way, making your way to the 'Channel Terminal' which will be to the left - the Channel Terminal is the Eurostar departures area.

IGNORE these signs, pictured below, for the 'Couloir Secondaire'.
How to access Eurostar departures when taking a Belgian train to Bruxelles-Midi / Brussels Zuid

They're located towards the middle of the platform/spoor/voie so are likely to be the first signs you will see.
This passage way can only be accessed by stairs and the route to the Eurostar check-in area is longer and more confusing than by using the 'Hoofdgang' exit.

More info on arriving by other trains at Bruxelles-Midi is available HERE.


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