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Travel News Completion of the Madrid to north-west Spain high speed line
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Completion of the Madrid to north-west Spain high speed line

Trains will be using the final link to be opened on the high speed route between Madrid and Santiago de Compostela,

| 9 days ago

Yet another new section of the Spanish high speed rail network will begin to be used by trains when the new timetable begins on December 12th.
The route between Sanabria (which gains a new station) and Ourense completes the high speed line linking Madrid with Santiago de Compostela.
As a result the typical rail journey times between the two cities will be reduced from around 4hr 30mins to around 3hr 20mins; with an additional direct Alvia train available in each direction per day, providing four departures per day.

The service on the Madrid ↔ Vigo route will double to 4 x trains per day in each direction, with around one hour mins sliced off the typical journey time.

Madrid ↔ Porto by train:

On the new timetable it will be possible to:

In the opposite direction from Madrid to Porto, a tad annoyingly the 16 :00 Alvia train from Madrid will get into Vigo less than 20 mins after one of the two daily trains will have departed for Porto.
So to make a connection on to northern Portugal will require departing Madrid at 11:20 and spending more than four hours in Vigo, in order to take the 19:56 departure on to Porto.


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